About Us

Since 1998 Academic Ghostwriting Services has provided research, editing and academic ghostwriting services to students throughout the world. We were the first company in the field in the UK and have an international reputation for high quality commissioning.

We carry out commissons in house and cover almost all subject disciplines. Where we cannot do so we can provide you with details (in confidence) of a suitably qualified academic writer able to assist you.

Our scripts are plagiarism proof and quality assured.

We are so sure of our quality that if your script does not meet your expectations/specifications just let us know in 24 hours and we carry out all amendments free of charge.

We submit your script for verification (quality control) before despatch. Unlike some sites we do not ‘guarantee’ you a 1st or a 2:1. There are so many factors in grades we know these guarantees are worthless. What we do guarantee is highest quality writers who know what your marker is looking for. And your finished script is checked for quality by another – and independent – academic in the field.

We are the only ghost writers who let you see before you pay.

We are the only ghost writers who give you 14 days to pay after you receive your script. Returning clients can use our Planned Payment Plan and extend their payment time.

We are the only service that gives a personal contact (PALO) whose job is to liaise between your writer and you.

We are the only service offering an office hours advice line staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and helpful people.

We are the only service that gives the highest security and delivers utmost discretion.

We are internet based but can also be contacted by telephone or mail at any time. When you register with us you will be given the name and direct telephone number of your Personal Academic Liaison Officer (PALO) who is available to you 24/7. Your PALO is allocated to you on the basis of their subject knowledge and will also have a Master’s degree.

Administrative Information……

Our Office hours for Registration are Monday – Thursday 9 am – 5 pm and Friday 9 am – 1pm. Once registered with us you are assigned a PALO (Personal Academic Liaison Officer) with whom you can have e mail contact 24/7 and direct telephone contact during UK office hours. If you live outside the UK you will be able to have direct contact at other times as agreed between you and your PALO.

We can receive materials and payments at our premises during office hours (Monday – Thursday 9 am- 5 pm, Friday 9 am- 1 pm) but anything that arrives outside of these times or has to be collected will be deemed as having been received the next working day, whether this is Formal instructions or your account settlement. If your account falls due over the weekend do ensure you can arrange for delivery of settlement by close of business Friday (1pm GMT) and for safety Thursday to prevent your incurring a late payment surcharge.

During the Easter and Christmas vacation periods we are officially closed for 3 weeks. Although we do not officially close during Summer vacation, there is only a skeleton staff on duty during whole month of August. Please see charges below. This means 7 days before Good Friday (for Easter) and Christmas Day (for Christmas). Work can still be commissioned for action during this time but if you are sending materials your booking in date will show the next day we begin normal working.

Any commission which at any stage falls due or must be worked upon during these vacation periods is subject to a charge of an additional £10 an hour plus out of hours charges where these apply. When you are booking in any commission please bear in mind this proviso.

Please also remember when commissioning work to build in to your calculations two days for UK Bank Holidays.

All e mail enquiries are responded to within 12 hours including Bank Holidays worldwide.

When registering with us or when settling your account(s) please always mark your envelope clearly ‘REGISTRATION’ or ‘ACCOUNTS’ to ensure the fastest service and to avoid delay we advise that you send recorded delivery. UK registered clients will be asked to pay into a UK bank.