We are the most expensive academic ghostwriting site, but you get what you pay for. We provide unique quality in product (Your commission) and in process (the level of Service you receive). You are invoiced at point of delivery with 14 days to pay *

We do not operate a ‘ball-park figure’ nor do we provide a ‘drop down’ calculator because each commission is unique in terms of its length, level and the deadline it must meet and whether or not you need a researcher. We are happy to discuss costs at any time (24/7 by e mail, by telephone in office hours) and we will ask our Accounts to overlook any estimate you make, however basic. You know the variables, tell us what you need and we will tell you the cost.

The Three Variables:

  • Level
  • Length
  • Timescale

Level: We cost all commissions according to the award level for which they are being written and this decides the hourly rate. At base rate this is:

Undergraduate£40.00 per hour
Post-graduate (Masters)£45.00 per hour
Doctorate£50.00 per hour

*Articles commissioned for submission to peer-reviewed articles will be costed at doctoral level

Length: We cost by numbers of words, not pages, that is in 1000 and 500 word increments. (4 pages = 1000 words). When commissioning remember references are normally extra to the word count (where they are included advise us when instructing) and costed to the upwards nearest 500. You DO NOT pay extra for references, as some sites charge. For costing purposes the smallest commission that we normally accept is 1000 words. If you are considering a smaller commission, for instance a resume or a blog, let us know and we will give you an estimate.

Timescale: We can deliver to any practical timescale. (If you read other sites that offer a 20, word dissertation in 2 days you know this isn’t possible. It will be a compilation of other scripts or taken from a data-bank of already submitted dissertations. The quality will be poor and there will be a high risk of detection.) But the tighter the deadline the higher the cost:

Base rate (lowest cost) applies when the commission can be with us 14 days BEFORE the writer begins work, not 14 days before we deliver it to you. Our writers work a notional 35 hours each week (7×5 or 5×7, it is their decision) and you need to calculate the number of hours needed for the commission with each component (reading your materials or the work of a researcher and pre-reading of their findings)

Work commissioned at less than Base Rate:

10 days before beginning work:£45 an hour (ug)(ug)£50 (pg)£55 (doc)
7 days before:£50(ug)£55 (pg)£60 (doc)
4 days before:£55(ug)£60 (pg)£65 (doc)
2 days before£60(ug)£65 (pg)£70 (doc)
1 day before£65(ug)£70 (pg)£75 (doc)
Same day (immediate)£70(ug)£75 (pg)£80 (doc)

Researcher or Own Materials?

You may already have all the materials (articles and papers) you need, but just don’t have the time to write the paper, or you feel your writing style isn’t ‘academic’ enough and need a model of how to write it next time. Your writer can work with your materials or we can contract a researcher to gather them – or use a combination of both. You decide, although if you are not sure that your materials are good enough we do advise you to also have a researcher. It will be more expensive but certain.

All Writing/Construction is 5 hours per 1000 words whatever the level and in addition:

Writing from Your Materials

Undergraduate2 hours per 1000 words
Post-graduate (Masters)3 hours per 1000 words
Doctorate4 hours per 1000 words

Writing with a Researcher:

Undergraduate4 hours per 1000 words
Post-graduate (Masters)6 hours per 1000 words
Doctorate8 hours per 1000 words

All commissions MUST be written from your own materials or those which the researcher locates. We cannot accept any instruction without one or the other.

Charges for editing are the same as for writing. This may sound absurd when you have already done the work, but our experience tells us that editing very often takes longer than writing from scratch. Costing for an edit is on the higher word count (for instance you may want your 25,000 dissertation reducing to 15,000 or your 10,000 word paper increasing to 12,500, in whichever case the higher number applies). A pre-reading fee applies to all edits. If you wish us to write the Discussion and Conclusion sections, then the preceding chapters will have to be read first for orientation. A dissertation submitted as a model, for its content or to be reconfigured is subject to a separate pre-reading fee costed upon its word count.

Verification: At stages during the writing of your commission and again at the end an independent verifier will overlook the script and engage in an iterative discourse with your writer. The charges for this ‘quality control’ are:
Standard Verification

Undergraduate2 hours per 5000 words
Post-graduate (Masters)3 hours per 5000 words
Doctorate4 hours per 5000 words

Final verification takes place 48 hours before the commission is despatched to you. If it has been an immediate commission with a tight deadline Express Verification will be added:

Express Verification
Undergraduate3 hours per 5000 words
Post-graduate (Masters)4 hours per 5000 words
Doctorate5 hours per 5000 words

After Instruction:

When we have received your instructions (once you are registered with us as a client you will be sent a Formal Instructions Proforma to complete and on the basis of this our Commissioning Editor will search for and secure a suitably qualified writer), at that point the contract is binding. We are committed to providing you with a quality script on the day you have instructed. If you need to change the date for delivery or cancel altogether we have to levy a charge because your writer will have turned down other commissions to work for you and must be compensated.
Cancellation Charge:
£500 for the commission + £100 per 1000 words

You may need to delay your submission date, if this is within a month of your original instruction you don’t need to cancel, if your writer can accommodate this change they will do so for a nominal fee.

Delivery of Your Commission

We ask you to set the date, but suggest you allow enough time for any amendments if you have a tight deadline to meet. Your commission will arrive with you fully notated and with references and graphs and tables as required. * You will also receive your invoice which is payable within 14 days **

If you wish for advice on costing and calculating cost e mail us 24/7 or telephone in office hours

*For non-UK based clients we reserve the right to ask for a pre-commissioning deposit never more than 20% of the final bill
**We outsource graphics to a company with whom we have worked many years. They are entirely reliable and secure. The charge will be added to your invoice.
*** For clients outside the UK we suggest you allow adequate time for bank transfer. Because we must pay your writer on Day 15 of your invoice being raised we are obliged to levy a late payment surcharge of 10% per week or part thereof in cases of late settlement to cover the costs of a short term loan.