How it Works & FAQs

What happens after you have downloaded the Registration Documents

Step One

Download the Registration documents, fill them in and return them to us by post if inside the UK (Royal Mail Special Delivery), or if outside the UK by courier. Or you can complete the documents, scan and email them to us and we will send you our account details by email so that you can pay by bank transfer.

The registration fee is £75 standard for UK residents (completed in 7 days) and £100 at express rate (completed in 48 hours). For non UK residents the standard registration fee is £100 and the express fee £135. These completion dates can only be guaranteed when all information asked for, including any additional documentation, is provided promptly. For clients residing outside the UK and transferring money into sterling it is important that you allow sufficient funds for currency conversion. If your transfer delivers a shortfall, as registration or as invoice settlement, we shall be obliged to send you an invoice for the shortfall together with a raised invoice which will be for the shortfall plus an hour’s administration at the relevant immediate rate for the raising of the invoice. If you over pay this will be credited to your account.

Please complete all sections of Registration Document 2 and sign and date Documents 1 and 3. This is mandatory. Because of the number of applications we receive, if any documentation is incomplete we will not continue to process it. Where information provided is inaccurate or is subsequently changed we will refuse registration without a refund of the registration fee. Where the information given at enquiry or registration has been shown to be false we have the right to refuse registration without refund. We only accept registration from the client and not from third parties on another’s behalf. Prospective writers have access to the registration process log (with all identifying information redacted) and this, together with their expertise and match between their specialism and your need, informs their decision to take the commission. Should an otherwise suitable writer be retained by us but they consider inconsistencies in the log does not dispose them to select a given client and the commission is refused there will be no refund of the registration fee. If the process of registration becomes unecessarily protracted, beyond ten working days, it will be terminated. This is because our writers will only work with clients who are committed to the process and failure to provide mandatory information such as student ID or eLibray log in details will result in the registration process being failed and the registration fee will not be refunded. When providing e Library log in details please ensure you do so correctly and that the site is accessible. We understand typographical errors, but if our Verification team is unable to access they will advise you immediately. Once again, non-response would result in the registration being failed.

We ask you to provide a principal e mail address on Registration Document 2 but any e mail address from which you send will be lodged on your account and will be deemed as being safe. Do not e mail us from an address you know will compromise you. Should circumstances arise where you do have to use an e mail address to which you do not wish to receive a reply you must advise us immediately and clearly in the strapline.

All information asked for and provided is held in the strictest confidence and we are subject to the UK Data Protection Act.

Step Two

Once your details have been verified we will e mail you to confirm your successful registration and ask for your instructions.

Step Three

Send us your instructions –

  • When  you want the work. We will ask you to provide an exact date and it is important to set aside time when you receive the commission to review it. If you advise us within 24 hours of receipt if the work does not meet your written instructions all amendments will be made free of charge but this is strictly within 24 hours. It is your responsibility to set this time aside. If you instruct a commission providing only the month as the date (for instance, August or October) that commission will be delivered to you on the last date of that month.
  • Approximately when your final instructions or instructions/materials will arrive. Whilst we can begin preliminary planning on the basis of scanned Formal Instructions Notice we do require the original hard copy of the instructions before we can issue a formal contract. When instructing please expedite the sending of signed hard copy by Special Delivery if you reside within the UK or courier if you reside outside the UK. Your hourly rate is calculated from the date when we receive your signed Formal Instructions as hard copy or your materials, whichever is the later date. We are unable to instruct a writer until we have the signed hard copy of the Formal Instructions sheet. If we ‘lose’ the writer because of a client caused delay, such as non-arrival of materials, we will undertake to source a replacement, but we must levy an additional charge of £100 for this service.
  • Whether you require a researcher or only a writer working from materials you have supplied. If you require a researcher you MUST provide your eLibrary log in details so that your researcher can access materials you would use.
  • All instructions MUST be in writing. Verbal instructions must also be confirmed in writing.

We assign a Personal Academic Liaison Officer (PALO) to work with you. Your PALO is available for consultation by telephone, although as we are an internet based company and all instructions must be in writing this should not need to be an iterative process. We limit contact to e mail and telephone, it is company policy not to use Skype because the quality of the connection can all too often be variable and if the cost of a telephone call is prohibitive we must question a client’s ability to meet our fees.

Step Four

We identify a writer in-house to undertake the commission. If we cannot provide the specialist academic skills in-house we will offer you (in confidence) access to another writer who can do so.

The writer’s first task is to orientate themselves. All commissions are written from the materials you send or the research our researcher generates – or both. Any commission is only as good as the materials that are used. If you are in any doubt contract a researcher/writer. You must provide your current eLibrary log in details so that your researcher can mirror your footprint. No commission will be accepted without either materials and/or an accessible eLibrary account. Your writer will work from your Formal Instructions and so the more precise and comprehensive these are the better the outcome will be. Your writer will also write within whatever format or rubric you provide, most universities have modified versions of a generic model for theses and papers and so it is important to provide these at time of instructing. Where detailed guidance has not been given the writer will work within what, in their professional judgement, is the most apposite generic framework. The task of customising this to specific requirements, if these have not been provided, is reserved for you, the client.

Step Five

Your writer writes the commission and sends it for proof reading. Then it receives its final verification. Our independent verification is your safeguard and makes sure that your commission is to the highest standard. It is our quality control. We must allow 3 working days for standard rate and 48 hours for commissions undertaken at immediate rate. Special weekend verification rates can be arranged if required.

And then we send it out to you. All commissions are sent out up to midnight GMT the day required. If for whatever reason it fails to fulfil your written brief in any way inform us within 24 hours and we will make all the changes Free of Charge. Free amendments are an important safeguard for you and we strongly advise you when you commission to build in time to a) take the 24 hours to read through, identify any anomalies and let us know (we will give you guidance on how to present amendments) and b) for your writer to complete the amendments. Your amended draft will ALWAYS be returned to you within 72 hours and in most cases much less and time allowance is linked to the length and complexity of the commission. For instance for a 15-20,000 word dissertation we would expect you to build in the 24 hours (to identify the amendments) and allow up to 72 hours depending on the size of the commission.

24 hours after receiving your commission or 24 hours after the completion of any amendments your PALO will conduct a mandatory de-briefing telephone call with you to enable us to monitor our services and constantly to improve its quality.

Commission invoices are payable within 14 days and the settlement must be in our account by close of business (17 00) on the due date. Additional charges as sundries are submitted on a 7 day invoice.

Please remember that writers are human. There may be an occasional typo or a reference presentation error, because they are used to working to their own schedules, and these we would assume you would rectify/alter in your own customising. Major flaws we obviously take full responsibility for but what we offer is writing and subject expertise, not proof reading.

We treat comments that are discourteous, abusive and/or libellous with the greatest severity. Our writers have the right, if they feel their integrity is impugned or they have been abused in writing or slandered in any way to remove their services and we will support them in this. No further assistance will be provided and no contracted costs will be waived.

Frequently Asked Questions

We think we have covered the list, but if we haven’t just telephone us in office hours or e mail us 24/7