The Registration Fee funds the search for your specialist writer. If we are unsuccessful in securing a suitably qualified writer within your timescale we will refund this to you in full within 48 hours of receiving your formal instructions.

There are two levels and rates of registration:
Express, which can be completed within 48 hours and which we advise if you have a tight deadline
Standard, where time is less important and is concluded within 7 days.

There are also rates for UK domiciled clients and non UK domiciled clients and this is because the writer search and verification processes if you are registered outside the UK is normally more complex and costly.

Registration rates are:

UK based standard £100 (usually £150)
UK based express £135
non UK based standard £135 (usually £200) non UK based express £170 (usually £255)

Please fill in your details below and you will then be able to download either a PDF or Word version of our Registration Documents, containing all documents required to setup an account with us and also providing full Terms of Engagement and an introductory letter.

You will also have the option of downloading a free copy of Adobe Reader if you cannot currently view PDF documents.

Please note that fields marked with a (*) are mandatory.