Academic Ghost Writing

  • Course work assignments (undergraduate, masters or doctoral)
  • Case Studies
  • Journal Articles
  • Reviews

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What we can do for you:

Write from materials you supply

Supplement your research in those areas that are ‘light’.

Research and write the entire script.

On demand provide additional notes, glossary of terms etc. – a bonus unique to our site.

What we deliver to you:

A high quality, unique script totally undetectable by anti-plagiarism software. It is custom written for you and never re-used.

On time delivery, every time.

Free amendments if your brief has not been met.

Guaranteed high quality using our independent verification system.

Why choose Academic Ghostwriting Services rather than other sites:

First of all we have been in this business for twenty years, longer than any of our competitors. Beginning as the first and only UK based academic ghost writing service we remain the benchmark for the standard of service others provide. In all of these we were first on the scene and based upon our experience and our track record we continue to deliver them better.

If you are choosing a ghost writer service you need:

  • Fully customised scripts. Everything we send out is fully customised, not a sentence, not even a phrase has been taken from any other source. (Other than direct and referenced quotes where applicable).
  • Secure. Our unique ‘double-blind’ system allows you access to high quality, subject specific professional academics whose writing is not available to other sites. Our PALO system delivers safety for your writer and complete security for you, the client.
  • Certainty. We always deliver to the date you specify.
  • High Quality Guaranteed. We only use the best writers and all scripts are verified before being despatched to you. In the unlikely event your brief has not been met all amendments are made cost free to you.
  • Confidence. We are so confident in the quality of the service we provide you receive the script before you pay for it.

Why use a ghost writer?

There are as many reasons as clients, but the bonuses a ghost writer provides are time and certainty.

We make the difference between dropping out and staying on track, the difference between losing the time and money already invested in your degree programme and seeing your investment realised.

The difference between adding extra stress to other time constrained parts of your life and achieving a realistic, productive and happy Work/Life Balance.

The difference between uncertain or low grades and academic success.