Dissertation Ghost Writing Services

Our dissertation ghost writers deliver you:

  • Research Proposals
  • Research Methodologies
  • Literature Searches
  • Literature Reviews
  • Data Analysis
  • Full Editing Service
  • Retrievals using examiners’ comments

We are the only UK based high quality ghost writer service with a proven record of delivering Dissertations.

We can write a complete script or individual chapters or sections using your own primary and secondary research or deliver a complete script with secondary research. (To ensure high quality standards we do not normally undertake primary data collection)

Sections or chapters can be delivered in stages over time to enable you to gain comments from your supervisor, or the entire script in one commission.

We do not make unrealistic pledges as some other sites do. We know that writing a dissertation is an ongoing iterative process during which modifications either at your supervisor’s instruction or through your discussion with them must be anticipated. This is the same if you are writing the dissertation yourself or someone is writing it for you. Whilst undertaking your research into ghostwriting organizations you may have come to believe that a ghostwritten dissertation can be quick, cheap and deliver a guaranteed high standard. This is not the case. Our rates reflect the quality of our writers and researchers and what they produce and we acknowledge the dissertation for what it is, the culmination of your studies and a major investment.

All completed dissertation scripts are fully annotated and referenced according to the university rubric and normally comprise;

  • Title Page, author, programme and university of submission
  • Contents Page, list of tables, acronyms etc
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology, research hypotheses
  • Primary Research Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices

We have the most extensive and experienced research methodologies capability of any comparable service and offer advice on research methodologies including;

  • Case study
  • Phenomenological Hermeneutics
  • Action Research
  • Quantitative Research models
  • Qualitative Research models

What do you need us to do for you? We can work on:

  • Individual chapters/sections such as Literature Review and/or Research Methodologies. These are time consuming and can log-jam the whole dissertation. We remove long-jams.
  • Entire customised dissertations from your Research Proposal or Research Title. Building on your own work. We do not deliver ‘off the peg’ or pre-used dissertations.
  • Full Editing Service. This includes not only grammatical reconstruction (especially valuable for clients whose first language is not English) but also a full structural audit and re-build for dissertations that have lost their way, run over length or lack key strengths in literature or research methodologies. Our editing service also completes the dissertation ready for submission.
  • Retrieving Failure. If the first draft has been rejected we can take your script and the markers’ comments and using the two ensure your second draft is successful.

How much do you want us to do? You can:

  • Supply us with your materials for us to write from
  • If your draft is ‘light’ on research methodologies or secondary research (literature) we can add to these
  • If you have only the Research Proposal or Research Title we can still complete for you
  • If your dissertation has lost its way, become confused, repetitive or simply lacks structure we can solve all these problems.
  • If your English grammar is poor we can re-write your draft in its entirety.